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I suspect Spring is here which means I need to buy a lawnmower

The groundhog was wrong. I'm sure of it. He was wrong last year and I think he is wrong this year.

Just looking at the last series of photos I have taken reflects the changes.

First, just two weeks ago we had a lovely morning of snow. For the most part, Portland has great snow in the winter. We just get a dusting like this, so that everything looks charming and it doesn't really stick long. Heck, notice it doesn't even really stick on the surfaces I'm walking or driving on.

But just this last week the Chickadees have just gone bonkers looking for places to nest. They seem to be really fond of the roof over my porch. The hideous Sears roof that is too low and butt-ugly. But apparently Chickadee-friendly.

This adorable little pair seem to have taken up here.

Same pair, I believe this is where they are nesting. This gutter opening is right outside my kitchen window. One night when I got up in the middle of the night with Argus (ah, the joys of living with a 14 year old dog) there was a little black tail sticking out of the end of this most of the night.

This is another pair nesting on the other side of the porch.

It is nice to have some sunlight when I get up in the morning now. This morning put on such a show I had to run outside to get a picture.

I was driving on a picturesque rural road last weekend behind this tractor. Them some big tires! But it shows the farms are getting active! It is fun when they start producing. There are family farms everywhere around here where you can stop and get fresh vegetables, flowers, plants, etc.

It is still a little cool here in the mornings and evenings so I could use a hat. Crazy Aunt Purl posted this cute pattern and I thought I probably needed to make it. Unfortunately, I changed a perfectly good pattern so that I could make my very own shower cap.

Or is it a hair net?

Either way it isn't good and I think it could actually hold several hundred Chickadees.