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Wool afghans and dogs

OK, questions for any knitters lurking about here. I shared this picture before of Frankie. He is my Mom's foster and very well could be coming to live with me. Not that what I'm about to ask is about his being my dog. I would be asking this regardless of his future home.

Scar the greyhound

Frankie went to a veterinary eye specialist yesterday and he has glaucoma in his bad eye which causing him quite a bit of discomfort. So the best course of action seems to be removing the eye. The cost of that surgery is going to be more than the rescue group can absorb so they will be holding some fundraisers. I thought I might be able to contribute. My first thought was a gorgeous, hand-painted mitre square afghan. Finish up this one I started.

Scar the greyhound

But the rescue group is in Arizona and it would be offered up to a huge bunch of dog people who may not feel a wool afghan would work in their home. (although ironically, I noticed I took this original photograph, on one of my dog blankets)

So my questions are, should I come up with a dog-friendlier, warm climate-friendlier knit project? Should I go ahead and give them the hand-painted wool afghan? Or should I raffle off the afghan to my knitting community? I feel sort of guilty doing this when we already have so many worthy charities we support.

Just a note on how Frankie is doing? He was absolutely petrified at first. He has some reduced vision in his good eye and when your whole world changes, it can really be a scary time. But thanks to Mom's ambassadog, Korde, he is socializing with the family a little, he will go outside and play with Korde and is beginning to follow Mom around a little. So really, he is doing very well.


Raffle to the big, wide knitting community. Do you really have time and energy to create something Arizona-specific?

Please share a new pic where Frankie looks more at home at less like a Dachau survivor.