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I did be attracting boyfriends

First of all, look what has now become a form of exercise! I totally rocked at this when I was a kid so I'm makin' my own hoop and gonna be hooping! Yes!

And then, just so Juno knows she is not alone in receiving creepy, bizarre emails from men:

Hi cutie,
I must confess God must have taken a rest after he created you, never have i seen someone so perfectly created,You are like a song written by the hands of
God,Bacause in those eyes of yours everything pauses, I need not look to far to find an angel cos i have one right here in front of me.
Just one night in your dreams would be like spending
eternity, Staring at the face of an angel,
I will sweep you of your feet and make God regret he
forgot an angel behind,cos heaven wont be complete
without you.....i choose to be a prisoner in your captivity of love,can we please chat if you dont mind... my private email address is raf_carl101@yahoo.com,
i did be looking forward to meeting you,

This wasn't from any singles site. This guy just found my myspace page, which I don't use and haven't personalized. I only have it to comment on my brother's myspace blog. I shared this with my brother who said he threw up a little when he read it. I might have also.

And to show it isn't a fluke that I attract the strange foreign men (who I suspect sent these. They obviously lifted pictures and some text from somewhere. You can see where they tried to add to the text.) I also share this other email:

I am An Environmental chemical Pollution Consultant; I'm a self employed environmental Engineer and also a Geologist.
I basically work on contracts with most multinational oil companies like Chevron, Shell, Texaco. and Halliburton . I have couple of contract to execute within short period. We need to carry out lots of Test on the Areas where there are oil Spillage. This areas could be farm lands or habitats for living being, the test are been carried out on Soils and Water so as to know the right Bioremediation chemicals and the Proportion that would fit for the treatments and Clean Up. This is basically about my Job.

Presently, I am working a contract worth $1.2million for Texaco Oil Company and it really a pleasure working for them. Is a very big contract that I will make profit worth $451,000 after paying the skilled laborers and some consultant, I really need your prayer now. I wish you were here with me. I will scan a copy for the contract ward certificate to you by Monday when I will get it from the directors.
i will still tell u about my self but this is all about my job.my name is Stancey

This little fella didn't even bother trying to match the profile name to the name he provided here. I wonder what they would do if I responded? It is highly likely that this is part of a phishing scam. But in the meantime, I'm entertained.

This is what they think will attract US women? Does it?


Thanks for the link on hooping! That's great!

It's been awhile since I've had any creep mail, but it's always disturbing (yet oddly amusing).

Yous is very specials being so much liked by us.

Why, I can't see why you wouldn't just fall head over heels for those boys!

Oh. Maybe it's the total ick factor. OK, I can see that now.

OHOHOH, I LOVE messing with these people. I have had so many of these emails but I will share my favorite with you.

He saw my picture on my Yahoo page and started sending me messages. Long story short he had to leave on an emergency business trip to Africa as he was an Importer/Exporter. He got there and started sending me flowers and candy but the best part of this. . .I managed to scam about $300 dollars in flowers/gifts and as soon as he tried to get me to open a Wells Fargo account to send him money, I told him I know he's never been to the US. I knew he was a scammer from day one and to move on to some other woman who isn't intelligent and who would believe his horrible grammer and punctuation, lol

I got this from a guy I have never heard from before. It starts out good and then it gets really strange:

I must say ... that you are a prettiest 47 year old that I have seen in a long time ... and a smile to die for ... I want to give you a present ... for I just feel your energy .... Have you read the books .... "Conversation with GOD, Book I, II, II, Friendship with God and Communion with God" Written by Niele Doland Walsch. If you have ... GREAT!!!! then, you are a DYNAMO beyond ... if not ... I think, you shuld give it a try ... I think you will love the gift ... Have a good evening, Best regards, Michael

This was my response to this weirdo:

I have a problem when anyone tells me I "should" do something ... especially when they can't even spell the word right.


one of my homies just complained of receiving a creepy email from a guy. i googled some of the text "I must confess God must have taken a rest after he created you" and it pulled up your page. some one sent the exact same form letter but from a differant name/email address. looks like a scam/spam