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Home sweet home

The conference and Charleston were incredible. I mean that...they were not to be believed. I hob nobbed with the most exciting and interesting people. I learned so much that I'm more than a little overwhelmed. I also got to cruise around Charleston some more.

I found the old cemeteries enchanting and could have spent days walking around trying to read all the headstones.

This little plaque was above a fountain in one of the lovely little gardens. I wish I knew what the story was behind it. Some allegory I'm sure. He who rides the pig gets a horn serenade.

The food was wonderful. I tried everything new I could. Grits (bland), fried green tomatoes (tangy and good!) and, of course, she-crab soup (rich).

All travel days sucked. I hate flying because they cram us into tiny spaces and we have to hold still for too long. I have long legs so those spaces are torture. Of course, Murphy's law states that since I can barely squeeze my knees behind the seat in front of me, I will always have someone who puts their seat back in that seat. Then I just sit there and stew. Yeah, I get a little crabby while flying.

When I wasn't flying (and crabby) I was driving...with white knuckles. I was heading north trying to beat big storms. I didn't quite beat the first storm and had to spend the night in Redding. The storm didn't play favorites. I was checking into the hotel at the same time as Patrick Duffy. He looks exactly the same as he has looked for years. It is a little spooky.

I made a break for home Friday morning and despite some hairy winds and some scary moments I made it through. The trucks that usually plague the interstate really couldn't get through so it was kind of nice not sharing the road with them for a long time. This is what it looked like going over the Shastas and the Siskiyous. There were other cars on the road, but not a lot.

It is SO nice to be home and back to the normal crazy routine rather than the super-crazy routine.

Knitting news:

Grandmother's socks have been gifted and well-received. I wish I had made them a little longer. I try to keep them a little low because I don't want them to bind her leg but I think I can go longer than this.

The entralac scarf was finished but never sent. The recipient has a February birthday though so I have another opportunity to gift it. I do have a few new babies on the horizon. They are all being born in late spring or early summer though so I'm restricted to mostly blankets and toys.

This is my next project. I have seen too many of these to be able to resist. Besides, I really need a change from my usual roll brim I always wear. And I have the most luscious shade of blue Noro Cash Iroha that has been waiting for the perfect project.

Anyone else sick to death of the New Year's resolution-preying diet and exercise industry? They put smug idiots up to sell their product and I can't imagine it working on anyone. You want to sell me the nutrisystem program? Try getting someone who lost more than 7 pounds and who isn't a blonde bubble head. Want to sell me a BowFlex system? Try using a spokesperson who isn't smug and narcissistic. These ads just end up emphasizing that if you were personality-deficient to begin with, the best, thinnest body in the world won't fix anything.