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Consolation Knitting

I'm not normally a product knitter. What this means is that I enjoy the process of playing with the yarn. In fact, I've often said that I only knit so that I have an excuse to play with yarn. I'm rarely concerned with finishing anything and most often I'm knitting things that I won't and don't wear.

I don't think this is a big shock for anyone that regularly reads this blog considering the few pictures of finished objects I show and the large amount of pretty yarn I gather.

But I really wanted this. I really wanted to have this to wear this week while it is so cold. I wanted to look cool and bohemian (this is a sickness with me) and be warm and practical at the same time. This was knitting with a purpose.

Which is why it is is such a bitter disappointment to have the cabling go horribly horribly wrong. I have marked the path the cables are supposed to take. It is clear there is no relationship between where it is supposed to be and where it has gone. I am beyond off track. I am not in the same state as the track. It is like I was drunk and never cabled in my life. Neither of which was necessarily true but might have made the whole experience better.

I shall persevere because I still believe this hat is the key to making me look cool and bohemian (no need to tell me otherwise, ignorance is bliss) but I'm consoling myself with some hand-painted yarn I got at Knit in South Carolina. I've been wanting a feather and fan scarf. It seems like a classic and I'm using the Last Minute Knitted Gifts pattern that I've seen others use and like. The yarn is a Schaefer Yarn called Judith. 100% prime alpaca (no more plebeian alpaca for me) in a colorway called Elena Piscopia. The color is part of a series named for memorable women.

Mmmm, soft and pretty...

I didn't even read Elena's biography when I bought the yarn. I went strictly by passion for the color. But I think it is interesting to read her achievement because I bought this yarn on a trip where I decided to go back for my doctorate.

I guess I got a little nod from the universe backing up that decision!


What, what? Doctorate?

Now I'm incented (sp?) to do the same, it's my competitive nature. Oh, and a coincidence; I was on the local Cal State campus today and thought - "I could take classes and have my company pay for them. If I had done this since I started five years ago I'm sure I'd have another degree by now." And then I read your post. Are the gods talking to me or what?!?