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Suki will be so pissed!

Uh oh, this is Mom's latest foster. Unfortunately, he may have a hard time finding a home because he is "special needs." What special need does he have that would be so difficult to overcome for an adopter?

Scar the greyhound

He is blind in one eye. Yep, one eye good, one eye not. Just like my Argus. I have never even seen Argus have problems with his depth perception. I've watched him track and catch crickets. OK, gross, I know, but still. One eye.

Also, what you can't see in this picture is that this lovely boy has a big scar on his side. We all know that if you are not attractive, it is more difficult to find someone to love you. 'Course, that doesn't explain why there are so many beautiful people who are single and so many trolls that are happily married. But, you know...that may be a different post for a different day.

So we keep an eye on "Scar" and if he looks like he is a good fit for my pack. I may end up with three dogs and only four good eyes among them.


Argus, with his one good eye who also had a hard time finding a home because he is black. The sweetest, best dog on the planet.


Gosh, if I knew my mom and sister wouldn't be totally PO'd at me, I would love to have him. He's a beauty and I don't care about scars or blind eyes. I'm the person who adopted an OOLD almost completely blind and deaf cocker spaniel from the pound and loved her til she died.

My Mom adopted a one-eyed, gastrointestinally-challenged old Cocker. There is hope for everyone.