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I do declare

The people in Atlanta (specifically the Atlanta airport) are the nicest people on the planet and can deliver bad news without ruffling a hair on my head.

I passed through Atlanta (specifically the Atlanta airport) on my way to Charleston, SC. I'm at a symposium/retreat. I was stuck on a red eye and quite miserable when I landed in Atlanta. But the sweet talk they gave me when I got breakfast (corned beef hash and grits) and the lovely, honest, and apologetic way the airline representative kept us informed on the fog that kept us grounded for a little bit, did not make me the least bit upset.

Now Charleston, ruffles the hairs on my head. Literally. The humidity is killing me. OK, not killing me. But giving me unattractive hair. I took a picture the evening I arrived because I was on my way to a social event and I had good hair and makeup on so I decided to capture the moment. Most days I forget to wear any makeup, I pull my hair back and I'm in jeans. But I can clean up OK.

24 hours later I catch a glimpse of my hair in the elevator. I see this frizzy thing growing out from the back of my head. This is even after I lovingly applied the de-frizzer/shine product.


Charleston also fogs my glasses.

But it has very charming sites.


You have beautiful hair, humidity or not. Tell us more about the symposia/retreat; sounds interesting.

When I read your comment on Juno's blog about pushing spunky people down to the ground and taking their lunch money, I knew I had to come read your blog.

I suspect you're my kinda rabbit!