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December 29, 2007

I do declare

The people in Atlanta (specifically the Atlanta airport) are the nicest people on the planet and can deliver bad news without ruffling a hair on my head.

I passed through Atlanta (specifically the Atlanta airport) on my way to Charleston, SC. I'm at a symposium/retreat. I was stuck on a red eye and quite miserable when I landed in Atlanta. But the sweet talk they gave me when I got breakfast (corned beef hash and grits) and the lovely, honest, and apologetic way the airline representative kept us informed on the fog that kept us grounded for a little bit, did not make me the least bit upset.

Now Charleston, ruffles the hairs on my head. Literally. The humidity is killing me. OK, not killing me. But giving me unattractive hair. I took a picture the evening I arrived because I was on my way to a social event and I had good hair and makeup on so I decided to capture the moment. Most days I forget to wear any makeup, I pull my hair back and I'm in jeans. But I can clean up OK.

24 hours later I catch a glimpse of my hair in the elevator. I see this frizzy thing growing out from the back of my head. This is even after I lovingly applied the de-frizzer/shine product.


Charleston also fogs my glasses.

But it has very charming sites.

December 13, 2007

Suki will be so pissed!

Uh oh, this is Mom's latest foster. Unfortunately, he may have a hard time finding a home because he is "special needs." What special need does he have that would be so difficult to overcome for an adopter?

Scar the greyhound

He is blind in one eye. Yep, one eye good, one eye not. Just like my Argus. I have never even seen Argus have problems with his depth perception. I've watched him track and catch crickets. OK, gross, I know, but still. One eye.

Also, what you can't see in this picture is that this lovely boy has a big scar on his side. We all know that if you are not attractive, it is more difficult to find someone to love you. 'Course, that doesn't explain why there are so many beautiful people who are single and so many trolls that are happily married. But, you know...that may be a different post for a different day.

So we keep an eye on "Scar" and if he looks like he is a good fit for my pack. I may end up with three dogs and only four good eyes among them.


Argus, with his one good eye who also had a hard time finding a home because he is black. The sweetest, best dog on the planet.

December 11, 2007

See, different picture, totally different results

And I used a terribly unflattering picture of myself but the women turned out to be so much hotter! And Chuck Norris? Should I worry? I do feel like running in and slathering my face in moisturizer. And putting on mascara. Urp.

I just don't really see the similarities

I'm just not seeing it. It looks like it only mapped my smile.

December 06, 2007

This looks familiar

Wow, the new Knitty is up and I thought this was quite a coincidence! Does it look like a scarf anyone you know is knitting? I will have one skein left over of the yarn and was wondering about making a matching hat, but I think it would almost be too much to have this on the head while wearing the scarf. At least in this colorway.

Hmmm, maybe for the good friend in Utah? I need more friends in colder climates.

I can almost smell the Lauren perfume...

Rhodri Marsden is a blogger/writer who I really enjoy reading and frequently makes me giggle. I must not be the only one as he often has writing gigs for publications in London and most recently, he has been blogging "professionally." This has taken him away from his own blog and in desperation I started reading what he was writing for others.

This one deserved to be shared with you. I frequently get caught up in ridiculous recipes that I'm half way through before I realize I am whipping cream and could have just purchased a tub saving myself time and money. Rhodri nailed the experience with this post.

And if you are wondering how cool he is? He is also the keyboardist for Scritti Politti. Anyone remember Wood Beez? For me, one of those good 80s memories.


December 05, 2007

Sometimes you have to rant here in order to be nice to the world

I'm starting to find my new rhythm. The projects around the house are less demanding, the dogs, cat and I are finding a routine that works for us and, even with the holiday, I feel like I can stop and take a deep breath. Which is really nice!

We will see how long I can stand it before I want to change something. I like shaking things up.

I'm really enjoying gearing up for the holidays. I don't enjoy the gift giving part anymore. I don't need anything, no one I love needs anything so it becomes difficult to find that gift that is lovely and useful. But I love the weather and I love making the home beautiful and festive and I love using the holidays as an excuse to catch up with friends and entertain.

Last weekend I started the dining area. It is the first thing you see when you walk in my front door so I have been having fun with it and trying to set it up so it makes a simple statement. I didn't want a traditional Christmas theme. I've been going more for an Asian Winter Solstice simplicity. Hard to see from this picture but a lot of natural elements like stone and wood accented with pottery and woven pieces.

I do need to figure out where I can put the "coffin."

holiday dining room

I love this piece because it does a great job storing linens. My grandfather, who was killed in WWII, made it for my grandmother when they were in high school. It has gotten some water damage towards the bottom so I'm careful about where I keep it. But it is big (hence the "coffin" tag).

With room to breath I can pick up some important things like my knitting again. I only have a few pieces to finish before Christmas. Grandma's socks are one that needs to get done. They really were a quick knit, I just kept putting them down for extended lengths of time. It is the Broadripple pattern in Socks that Rock Mustang Sally. The colorway was one of the Sock Club colors so it should be available in 2008. I love how this color made up in the Broadripples. Grandma will be able to wear these a lot. Red never digitizes well because this red is quite dark. The color of cherry juice.


I also need to finish the entralac scarf I started last year. This gets sent to England so I need to wrap it up and get it out if it is going to get there in time. My aunt said she wanted something with color. Something that looked like stained glass. I think this really fits the bill.

entralac scarf

This is my first foray into entralac and I'm really enjoying it. I started this quite a while ago and I had to force myself to put it down to finish something under a deadline. I'm knitting it in Nashua in the Jewels colorway. I'll need to finish this in the next few days and send it off.

OK, so one more housy thing. Back in the office, I hung some box shelves I purchased on super-clearance over a year ago. These are actually pretty hard to hang and they stick out so finding the room and function for them has been a challenge. I found a good space in the office and they fulfilled the function I always saw for them:

box shelves

Feature the sock yarn! And Grandma has already picked out the color she wants for the next pair.

So updates completed, now I get to rant.

Things that annoy me during the holidays:

Commercials with adolescent-looking models. Old Navy, is anyone over 22 allowed to wear your clothing? Is that really the demographic you want to focus on? Because those of us who have the disposable income to spend at your store aren't deluded enough to think we will be "cool" or a size zero by shopping at your establishment. I'm annoyed enough by Old Navy to stop shopping there entirely. Which is too bad because they actually have a nice pair of jeans in the plus sizes.

Commercials that try to sell a new car as a Christmas present. It seems like an entirely unsuitable gift. A big ticket item like that should be a decision made together. I'm surprisingly stuffy about this.

People that are FEVERISH to spend money. On anything. Their goal seems to be to spend a certain dollar amount on people. I watch them in the stores and it is a little disturbing. It looks a lot a drinking binge if you have ever watched someone launch into one of those. This definitely puts me off spending money on gifts.

Commercials that have the supermom running a little ragged and dad picks up (or orders) fast food and it is like he has saved the day. OK, these annoy me all the time. So you ordered a friggin' pizza dude. It is nice that dinner is taken care of but you must be some kind of useless lump most of the time if this makes your family fawn like that. Maybe useless-lump-of-dad could microwave some vegetables for the kind of healthy meal needed during cold, stressful months like the holidays?

Mean people who are only focused on what they need to accomplish and aren't looking out for their fellow man. They are the ones that nearly run you over in the parking lot or leave their shopping cart in the middle of the aisle while they wander off. Is it really so hard to look around you and see that there are others in the world? While people get like this, I find that the only way to counteract this bad mojo and crummy feeling is to act the complete opposite. The more horrible they get in the parking lot, the more polite I get. I swear, it works.

Trader Joe's tourists. They annoy me all the time but they get really bad around the holidays. I do most of my grocery shopping there. I find that the prices for my staples are better there and the food I get tastes better to me so I actually eat it instead of letting it spoil. But there is a class of people who go in there just to look around. They wander aimlessly in the aisles blocking everything, they have no purpose and seem oblivious to everyone else. While I agree, it is a cool place to shop, there are still people with carts trying to get by you. Hellooooo?