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In which I make no mention of knitting

We have had such pretty weather that I can't hold still. I love putsing around the yard and the dogs love to help me. I have found I'm surprisingly fond of raking. I think my yard is just the exact right size that raking isn't a horrible chore and it is one of those tasks that shows big results quickly.

But I suffer from fits of artistic passion. I have a beautiful, big purple plum that is shedding its leaves right now and I can't help but admire the dark red/purple leaves against the soft, green grass. Argus is modeling it for you here:

Argus is actually having a tough time lately. The arthritis is crippling him and I have suspected some strokes lately which was confirmed last week when he had one in front of me. Really difficult for both he and I to get through but within a few hours it had passed almost entirely and when we got to the vet they said there were no residual effects. The only thing that made me feel better was the fact that my being there during the stroke seemed to bring him a lot of comfort. It calmed him when I snuggled with him. I think we are beginning a difficult phase in our life together.

On to less sad topics...

Sapphire is finally earning her keep around here. There is a giant stump in the yard from a tree that either fell, or was blown over. There is enough of the root system still in the ground that I haven't been able to cart it off. (it probably doesn't help that I have my heart on saving the stump as a garden seat)

Sapphire has taken it upon herself to dig up the stump. And by golly she is doing a crackin' good job!

I included one of Sapphire's toys in there for scale. The toy is a tennis ball with a rope tail so you get an idea of how big it is. The picture completely flattens out the ground detail so you can't tell there is a hole almost 7" down at the front of the stump.

This is the other side of the stump which is, again, flattened out. I tried to point out some of the major holes. Both are probably over 10" deep.

She will be happily digging away and turn which begins filling in the hole. I'll just call out, "Sapphire, don't fill in the hole!" She will stop...look at me...then turn and empty the hole again.

If I could just get her to empty the dishwasher...


The yard looks lovely, with Argus to decorate it. I'll send good thoughts his way. Sapphire and Rosey would love to play dig in the dirt together.