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Home Improvement

In an unusual burst of energy today, I got up early and stained and sealed my deck before work.

Yep, BEFORE work. Insane. I know.

But this turned out to be a trickier project than I thought. There needs to be no rain for a few days before and after the stain goes down. Also, most stains want the temperature to stay above a certain temperature. Something that is impossible at this time of year. And there is a lot of prep that needs to happen to the deck before the stain even goes down. It's like painting. A whole lot of work for very little actual painting.

I have to mention that I was injured during the prep of the deck. I was trying to get the hose over the edge of the deck so I flipped the hose which came back on me and hit my nose rather hard. Bump and soreness. Also, I broke a blood vessel or something in one of my fingers which has left it quite swollen. War wounds. I've been showing them to anyone that will listen.

So after a couple weekends of scrubbing the deck of all green growth and a surprising amount of dirt (who knew it was so dirty until I actually took a scrub brush to it?) I was ready for the final bit. Rain is looming on the horizon so it was now or never.

And I'm so pleased with how it turned out! It warmed up the whole look and the former beating the deck took left the wood with a kind of neat aged look.

Now I just need to finish the caulking around the doors and windows and I'm ready for winter! I'm diggin' this master of my own domain thing.


Very cool!

But such amusing household chores! just puttered over from the Yarn Harlot's blog to let you know that "loonie" is the insider Canadian slang for the one dollar coin, which features a loon on one side. They also have a "toonie", which is a two dollar coin (something we do not yet have in the US, as far as I know). I have no idea what pictures are on that one, but I am sure it features a "2" somewhere.

Maybe you could come help with my chores when you are done? Or we could just knit.

Before work! Crazy cool.