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October 20, 2007

Living with a kitty

October 18, 2007

Magic in a box

Catch up in 15 minutes. I'm back from a business trip that was fruitful but exhausting.

I've been sticking mainly to comfort knitting. I just don't have the energy and time for anything really fun. Socks, scarves, a couple of baby pumpkin hats for co-workers expecting babes. I did finish the tulip sweater. I ran out of the teal while edging so I edged the neck in purple. I like it.

completed tulip sweater

Suki has gained half a pound which the vet says is really good. She is a pistol and bossy and I'm surprised how attached she has gotten to me. I was only gone for three days but she was so happy to cuddle up last night and purred the whole time.

Suki update

I have actually been making a lot of progress on the house. While this may appear to be a horrifying picture of the office, does anyone remember the last photo I shared? Now you can see the futon and even the floor. This is huge.

And there is something in my garage. Oh wait...it is my car! With room to spare.

car in the garage

I can't take all the credit for this. I've been chipping away at the boxes and while I was gone my brother consolidated the mass.

boxes in garage

I think the best progress is my creative solution to the lack of a good spot for the kitty box. One of the things I inherited was a little kitty door. Mainly I was concerned with blocking it so the squirrels and raccoons didn't use it to come in and visit.

kitty door

But then, thanks to the lovely Rachel, I knew I had a use for the kitty door! One trip to Ikea, $60 and one jigsaw later, I had solved the kitty box problem.

hol kitty box

Right on the other side of the kitty door (see the wall in the lower right hand corner?) I have my Hol box (good to see I managed to get every price tag in the picture). Inside the Hol box...

inside box

There is a small hole cut, just the size of the kitty door, and inside is the kitty box with the scooper and bags. Replace the lid...

kitty box hack

and I'm left with an attractive box on my patio. And, apparently, a special talent for getting the price tags in pictures.

Suki figured out her kitty box quickly and she has taken to it like a champ.

Next time - we discuss the panicked strategy for making all Christmas presents and bending the space/time continuum.

October 02, 2007

Growth & Evolution

Am I the only one that thinks Mariah Carey's sex kitten thing is so tired and overdone it is nauseating? For gawd's sake, the woman has a voice but you would think all she has to offer is her body the way she sells it.

So so sad.