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More life in photos

It is late, I'm still unpacking and trying to get things in order. Most of my stuff went into storage when I moved up here from Pasadena. I didn't expect it to take 4 years to get into a house so I'm weeding through the storage stuff and getting rid of what I have replaced. And on top of that the house has lots of "projects" from several years of neglect from the previous owner. He wasn't too bright and what he did fix up he did pretty goofy.

Plus now there is a yard which I'm really enjoying puttering around in. Yesterday I harvested my lavender. Doesn't that sound wonderful? It was actually. It is drying on screens in the shed.

So basically, I've been too busy to come up with a decent post. I'm going to try to distract you from that with some pictures:

This is what happens when you take a couple of days off to move. Folks you work with think it is hilarious to paper your cube with your alma mater's arch enemy.

bruin prank

That will show me for mocking them that they were too lazy to pull a prank right before I took off for two days! Not only did they completely paper my cubicle, they used my tape to do it!

Sapphire is adjusting to the move and seems to be making herself comfortable. I need to get going on the couch purchase though.

comfy sapphire

And there are a few unwanted residents I'm still working to evict. I left the attractive Renuzit in the photo to give some scale. I also left the vacuum running for 4 hours after this guy was sucked up.

gigantic spider

Oh, and hula monkey made the trip just fine. She has been outside playing and I believe is in the doorway of my room right now waiting for us to come to bed.


I think you are so amazing.

Sapphire looks like a hypno-doggie. :-)

Write more! Please!