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September 21, 2007

Scary, livable, and furry

A hugely overdue update:

The house is shaping up. But it is still broken up into areas that are now livable and areas that are still scary. My goal for the rest of the month is to get it to areas that are lovely and welcoming and areas that are livable.

One of the reasons it has been a challenge is because I moved out of a 2 bedroom condo and put the majority of my things in storage. Four years later I'm moving out of a 1 bedroom apartment into a small 3 bedroom house and all the stuff from storage is here so furniture scale is screwy, configuration is from scratch, etc. It isn't just a matter of the elbow grease to get it put away, it all needs to be figured out.

So, against my better judgment, I share progress photos:

The family room is livable. I'm not crazy about where the couch is but I can't quite figure out where it would be best. Sapphire and Argus are adjusting nicely.

The kitchen counter is a bad spot. It catches everything that I unpack and don't have a place for immediately. This is actually less scary than it can look (I can't believe I'm sharing this picture).

Dining is livable but the table and chairs are too small for the space. Although this one box has lingered until I figure out where the innards will go.

Part of the living room is livable (other than the mismatched styles and undersized accent chairs)...

But the other half is scary.

Thanks to some new bedroom furniture, I no longer sleep on the floor, and this area of the room is livable. I know I should have made my bed before I took the picture but I was just trying to get the shots. Note the fix-it book on the nightstand.

Across the room however we have another problem area as I find homes for the things.

The master bath is a horror. In addition to the yellow counter and yellow & orange linoleum I have yet to figure out where the toiletries are going to go. What is a necessity and what can go in the linen closet in the hall. These are critical decisions people! What if I need my de-frizzer?

And really, the scariest space of all.

The office may have consumed people already. I think I saw them go in and no one has ever come out. Under some of those boxes is a big futon. THAT is a pile! Unfortunately, I'm caught in one of those circles where I need to put away item A in one spot that I can't get to because item B is in front of it and I can't put item B away because its container is full of item C and item C needs to go where item A is, etc. endlessly. This will require a Herculean effort some weekend.

But probably the biggest news and the biggest change around here is this:

This little girl came to visit us and didn't leave. She was flea-ridden, under weight and under loved. Rumor has it she belongs to someone in the neighborhood but when the vet told me she hadn't had access to food regularly for at least 6 months and that the fleas had taken a real toll on her health, she became a member of our family.

Here she is just after her bath. She was not happy but I have been forgiven as she is currently curled up and sleeping in my armpit.

Oh, and I'm calling her Suki.

September 04, 2007

More life in photos

It is late, I'm still unpacking and trying to get things in order. Most of my stuff went into storage when I moved up here from Pasadena. I didn't expect it to take 4 years to get into a house so I'm weeding through the storage stuff and getting rid of what I have replaced. And on top of that the house has lots of "projects" from several years of neglect from the previous owner. He wasn't too bright and what he did fix up he did pretty goofy.

Plus now there is a yard which I'm really enjoying puttering around in. Yesterday I harvested my lavender. Doesn't that sound wonderful? It was actually. It is drying on screens in the shed.

So basically, I've been too busy to come up with a decent post. I'm going to try to distract you from that with some pictures:

This is what happens when you take a couple of days off to move. Folks you work with think it is hilarious to paper your cube with your alma mater's arch enemy.

bruin prank

That will show me for mocking them that they were too lazy to pull a prank right before I took off for two days! Not only did they completely paper my cubicle, they used my tape to do it!

Sapphire is adjusting to the move and seems to be making herself comfortable. I need to get going on the couch purchase though.

comfy sapphire

And there are a few unwanted residents I'm still working to evict. I left the attractive Renuzit in the photo to give some scale. I also left the vacuum running for 4 hours after this guy was sucked up.

gigantic spider

Oh, and hula monkey made the trip just fine. She has been outside playing and I believe is in the doorway of my room right now waiting for us to come to bed.