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Snapshot of my life right now

moving boxes

As the chaos begins, so does the new order.

I turned around last night and saw this:

moving dog toys

Let me introduce you to Hula Monkey. Such a favorite in our house that this is Hula Monkey #2. Sapphire is either trying to help (unlikely) or wants to make sure her toys are coming with us.

I've reassured her that not only are they coming with us, they are a part of the "special load" that goes over in my car first so they are all there waiting for her.

Hey...we each have our priorities.



Years ago, like decades, Spikey kitty peed in my sister's suitcase, while my sister was packing for a European vacation. Your little guys do not have spite on their minds, it must be nice.

More pictures, please!

It's just too cute.

So, you're back. Is the move all completed?

Did I sound disparaging in my comment about USC colors? I didn't mean to. Many of our customers are SC grads or the spouse/SO of SC grads. But a close friend is a Bruin so I have to defer sometimes. I went to a commuter school so I don't have strong school ties or feelings. Just one more thing you didn't know about me.