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Remembering why Top Gun was cool

It is air show time again in Hillsboro. And look who was out the day before the show starts practicing.

This was right over the office. And not even the coolest, lowest, loudest stunt today. It has been very distracting in a fun way. I have more videos here. Kind of hard to see because the sun was so bright today.

I'll share pictures of the new abode when I have before and after pictures. Those are more fun than just the bare nekkid house kind. Especially since right now it is the standard one level ranch house. Not very interesting. In fact, most of you would probably be familiar with the layout. It seems like there are only 2 or 3 floor plans for the 70s ranch house. I'm working on a plan to give the whole thing a more Arts & Crafts look.


Yay you! Congratulations :)

I remember working just there on Evergreen Parkway, and how LOUD they were in practice before the show! Very cool, though, very cool to watch.