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It seems to be all about red around Casa de Drew these days. Well, not entirely but for the two project updates I'm bringing you today...it is all about red.

First, I've been fitting in a little sock knitting between projects because I always fit in a little sock knitting and also because that is my Christmas knitting. Hand knit socks are all Grandma ever wants from me so I'm trying to shape up and give her hand knit socks.

This is a pair of Broadripples in Socks that Rock, Mustang Sally. This is one of those examples of the right pattern with the right yarn at the right time so they have flown along and been a lot of fun. I was able to take this in natural light so the color is true. The heel is turned, I just don't have a heel on my hand to demonstrate.

Grandma's Broadripples

For the non-knitters visiting this blog, I know it sounds like we complain, agonize, and sob over our projects a lot more than we enjoy them. And, at least for me, that is very true. So why would I continue knitting? Because when you hit that sweet spot, when it all falls together, it is the most relaxing, enjoyable, and productive hobby a person could take up. And it is worth it!

It is like that one great hit in a game of golf or when the bat meets the ball just right and it feels perfect and goes forever. Those moments when all the stars align and it carries you through all the future frustrating attempts.

But enough waxing philosophical over my Broadripples.

The Mystery Stole 3 has kicked my butt. Repeatedly. However, I have not given up. I was having to tink and reknit every 2 out of 3 rows 2 and 3 times! I kept plugging along telling myself that this wasn't hard and I could do it. Finally, I had to just had to admit to myself that while the pattern isn't hard (and it truly isn't) the yarn I was trying to use was making the project darn near impossible.

Laceweight yarn is little more than thread. Which isn't the problem. What became the problem was how much my yarn was splitting. It created more problems for me and more dropped stitches (and I've probably dropped three stitches in my lifetime) then I could handle. So as much as I liked the color and texture of the yarn, I had to consider not using it for this project.

Then I finally admitted to myself that as fun as it was to knit this fine fabric that magically came to life when blocked...it wasn't something I would wear. The scale and beading just is not something that matches anything I have in the closet and I would be afraid of tearing it up.

So I looked around the stash and thought I would try (just try) in a fingering weight yarn. I won't wear a black or white stole so I was left with the forest green or burgandy. I wanted a burgandy one to begin with so (since I was just experimenting) I figured I would experiment in a beautiful cashmere/silk/merino fingerweight I got from Elann a couple years ago. I have been saving this for a sweater for me and wasn't sure I wanted to use any of it up. But I would just try it out...right?

Mystery Stole 3 take 313

The yarn is a much richer burgandy in real life and I haphazardly pinned out the piece on the nearest light background around me to photograph (I'm not sure I was even looking as I pinned it out judging from the lopsidedness). And red rarely photographs well.

Now I can truly say it isn't a difficult pattern as I flew through Clue #1 and am happily moving along Clue #2 also. It is amazing how much better it looks and how much more I'm enjoying it now that I am using the right materials for this project for me. This is something I will wear.


I have changed yarns too. I'm using some cotton from Rowan, Sea Breeze, that has been discontinued for a long time. Much better for these old eyes, even if it is turquoise. Maybe it's because this is the third time I've started, or just that the yarn is easier, but it seems I'm also having a much easier, and better, time with the MS3.