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Suprise! I have skills

There seems to be quite a bit of blogging about Elizabeth Zimmerman's Baby Surprise Jacket so I thought I would pipe in with my own learning experience.

The BSJ is really a cool piece of architecture. But it is difficult for the likes of me because I'm very dependant on patterns. Actually, patterns are a big part of why I like knitting. They are like crosswords to me. Can I figure it out? What do I get when I follow these instructions?

So, while I truly see why working some Elizabeth Zimmerman patterns is such a growing experience for a knitter, I stumbled, and I'm sure it won't be the only time.

Here is my first adventure in Zimmerman-land. Her pattern calls for the knitter to pay attention to where the shaping is happening and I made the mistake of trying to mathematically determine where that shaping went. I discovered pretty quickly (maybe not quickly enough) that it put me far off track.

Exhibit A:

bsj problem found

Nice line of decreases jumps over. I'm so disgusted that I did this I decide I want to try to "fix" it rather than rip. Something about learning, blah blah blah.

So I put the knitting on either side of the problem area on needles and I unraveled the bit that needed to be fixed. Yep, right there I unraveled right in the middle of a project.

bsj problem unraveled

I knit up this middle bit. Several times. As I "learned."

 bsj problem reknit

Then we had to have a lie-down. This learning stuff is traumatic.

Sapph napping

When we looked at our work we were quite shocked to see...mistake gone. And you can't see where it was. What? Would this be...skill? I've heard about this in other people but I never knew I could get me some of those skill-thingies.

where is the problem

But my friends, that is what we are looking at here. Some mad knitting skillz!

knitting skillz

Thank you EZ.


I shudder at the thought of unwraveling on purpose in the middle of a row.