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Why no posting?

1. Work is busy. And the best kind of busy. I love the projects I'm working on, I love the people I'm working with and I feel appreciated. This is a nice change from the corporation where I loved the work but I was paid significantly less than people they had to fire for incompetence. People with the same job titles and the same work (except they didn't actually produce anything useful). And don't forget the corporation that I loved where I was working and who I was working with but wasn't crazy about the work and neither was the corporation since they laid off the entire department 3 months after I started. I'm trying to enjoy every minute right now. Who knows how long this will last!

2. Dogsitting entire packs of dogs. Completely overwhelming and all-consuming. It was like having 6 small children in the house. Constant laundry, cleaning, dishes, etc. I really can't figure out the dishes part since they eat their meals out of the same bowls but somehow, I was always doing dishes. I was so overrun with hounds I even had a dog bed in my closet. Which was just fine with those who get grumpy about being stepped on by less intelligent careful dogs. (*disclaimer: any jeans you may see hanging sloppily out of the dirty clothes bin are there because large, grumpy hounds were asleep and I missed the bin when I tossed.)

Korde in closet

3. Deadline knitting. The Dulaan deadline always kicks me into another gear even though I knit pretty consistently throughout the year for them. But I always decide I didn't do enough when I go to put them in the box to send. Also, a good friend had her first baby and that means I must create the good mojo that goes along with handknitted items for babies. I'm convinced it is like good magic or something. Even if the baby can't wear it. And actually, the baby was born in Spring so I didn't make any garments, I did a blanket and some booties but the blanket was a bit of a slog.

baby blanket

Inspired by one of the patterns in Mason Dixon Knitting, I tried Lion Brand's Microspun. It was not fun to knit with. It was like knitting with embroidery floss but it makes up a great fabric. Although I suspect it will be snaggy. I washed this blanket and threw it in the dryer before I gifted it because the baby's Mom is allergic to dogs and, well, I have a few in my house now and then. It washed very well. I am impressed enough with how it did that I will likely make more baby stuff with it even though it was splitty and a hassle to knit.


Quick shot of the booties. I used some left over sock yarn but I can't remember which pattern I used. If anyone is desperate to know, drop me a note in the comments and I'll look it up when I get home tonight.

4. Summer. Great weather has been very distracting and even though I live in an apartment surrounded by busy streets and gas stations, grocery stores, etc., the wetlands around here nurture a lot of fauna. I've really been enjoying the baby bluebirds that dominate our green area and this morning I came out to this little guy.


He is an American Kestrel. He (and probably his Mom) thought the space between my car and the box on top was a terrific shelter. And it really was until I was rude enough to come out and start opening car doors. He panicked a little and tried to get out at the side which just didn't have enough room but with a little encouragement from me I showed him the back which was where he was able to get out and look back at me to make sure I was really going to evict him. Poor guy. If my bike didn't have a flat tire I would totally have let him have it. I didn't even mind all the poo he left.

kestrel side

He flew off with no problem to a tree nearby so I know Mom can find him.

5. The Beach. When the great weather kicks in, it is difficult to resist the call of the beach. And the wonderful knitting shop there. Tell Geisha I sent you.

6. Changes. We are in the process of saying goodbye to a beloved family member. Age and cancer are taking her slowly and we have been trying to enjoy our time with her as much as possible. This month we will have to say our final farewell.



A happy dog leaves a trail of happy memories wherever she goes.