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Adventures in Oregon

Turning this:


Into this:

cherry jam

And leaving my hands looking like this:

dirty cherry nails

Which is pretty gross because they don't look stained so much as they just look plain dirty. Ew.

The cherry jam is OK. Not my favorite because that good cherry taste is gone and it is just sweet. I guess this is why they tend to do this sort of thing with sour cherries instead of Bing cherries. So I'm a little disappointed and I think, next time, I'll just freeze them and use them in recipes.

On the knitting front, it is slow but steady. I fell in love with this cardi:

tied cardi

And knocked people over getting this yarn for it. It is Plymouth Tweed in color 5321 (aka Mallard). It is lovely and hopefully won't pill much. The temptation is there to do it in Merino or Alpaca but this is the kind of cardi I'll wear a lot so it better stand up to the challenge a bit.

And can I just say, I love knitting in the (almost) round from the neck down? I probably would love bottom up even more because then I'm not doing endless increases but rather the glorious decreases but I'll take what I can get.


You must be right about the sour cherries. You'll just have to cut the sweetness with something like french vanilla ice cream. Did you see "Steel Magnolias"?

The cardi is chic but classic, mallard sounds like green with orange. I'll be interested to see the final. It will look fab with your hair and coloring. Cool!