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Zig zag

Uh oh, someone let a TIE fighter get them. My TIE fighter pointed out to me that the Monkey socks were going to be too big for Mom. They were looking gorgeous but, while I love Mom, she will point out when something doesn't fit well so I had to cut my losses early and hope I can recover.

gull wing socks

This is probably not the best pattern to choose with this yarn because the colors completely hide the pattern.

gull wing socks closeup

Probably the best would just be a twisted rib or classic rib (or even a spiral rib) but Mom lives in Arizona most of the year so I wanted an open lace. Something that isn't quite so "wintery" looking. (Is anyone taking bets on me changing my mind again?)

I'm not even back to where I was in the previous pair but it is a good start on a pair of Gull Wings from Socks Socks Socks. There are 30 repeats to do (I'm counting the cuff, heel and toe as a repeat each) so I've done 4 repeats. That means I need to do at least 9 a day to finish these by Sunday. If I had nothing else to do but knit I could totally pull this off.

But the odds are against me on this project...