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Busy weekend with houseguests. Most of them furry. Which explains why I couldn't get my laundry done.

Korde in the closet

That is my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

Everywhere I looked was another greyhound.

Garbo curled up

While adorable, that picture is a little deceiving because in a few seconds she will stretch out and hog the whole couch.

And finally, if you have to work at home, it helps to see this when you look up from work:

Although it was hard not to just jump on the bike and play out in that spectacular sunshine.

Working furiously on Mom's socks. I believe I've settled on Cookie's Monkey Socks. I'm making them in STR Dreidel. Beautiful. Mom will love them. I just need to keep knitting!


Oh! I'm making Monkey socks now too - and I bought dreidel for my mother! I'll have to see how yours work up.