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Mr. DeMille, he is ready for his closeup

Something tells me these are supposed to look different and be in someone else's possession.

turned heels

Well, I didn't finish. Shocker. There was just a point where I could have hidden away all weekend and finished them or enjoyed my visit with Mom and give these to her next weekend.

I opted for the late gift. But, as you can see, I still made progress. Heels have been turned and I begin the journey down the foot.

To distract you from my mission failure, I present the next singing sensation...Korde Spotbottom!

Korde is Mom's greyhound. He dearly loves singing and frequently breaks out in spontaneous song. We have been trying to record him doing this for years and I was thrilled when there was just one of those moments where I happened to have the camera next to me when he started. His backup singer is Garbo, who you may remember from cute couch pic a few days ago.


It's always better to spend time with Mom. She's get the socks when they are ready.

I was intrigued by your PDX Knit Bloggers description about dog pictures, and found the hounds link on your blog (yes I like looking at knitting, but let's face it, it's hard to resist a cute dog face). It appears that many of the static picture links are broken...

I did love the singing act, though.