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Knitting myself back into the good graces of Grandma

I'm snowed in at work. Or should I say, I'm snowed in with work. Either way, it is why I've been quiet. However, I have still managed to be knitterly productive. I started my Mothers' Day presents because all my Mom and Grandma really want from me are socks and since I'm in the midst of buying a house (actually, securing the financing to buy the house which is the icky part) I'm feeling especially thrifty so I don't want to spend money on ANYTHING! (you know that panic mode when you realize you are poor and start looking at crusty old men in luxury cars with a new eye)

The good news is that I had the mostest gorgeousest yarns to chose from after sock camp. So I pulled out the colorway especially chosen for Grandma (Socks that Rock heavyweight in Falcon's Eye, I can't find an online source for it but it is spectacular) because Grandma's signature color is celadon and thought I would try Quill Lace from the latest Knitty.

quill lace socks

Wow, the stars aligned and it ended up being the perfect yarn in the perfect pattern for the perfect person and they were done in a couple of days. I loved knitting that pattern so much I'll probably do another pair again right away. Very, very fun!

I snuck a picture here at work right on my desk (trying to hide the complete geekiness that is me and knit blog for as long as possible). I am disappointed in one feature of the yarn, there are tiny plum drops on one of the socks in a couple of places. I am a little disappointed that it snuck into this colorway because it just makes the sock look dirty. I knit from both ends of the ball on the same skein and one sock got the plum drops and the other did not.

plum dot

Something to keep in mind with this pattern, I thought they would be very stretchy because it is lace but the stitch pass overs tighten them up so don't try to overcompensate for lace-stretch when you make these.

stitch detail

I think these socks are in my top three favorites.

Now I just have to make Mom's!


Yippee! Home ownership rocks, and is so good for the pookies.

Just yesterday, at the dinner table, Pkin and I were talking about a crusty old guy in a sports car who could use a companion. Pkin mentioned you actually. I can't recall who the crusty old guy was though. Let me think, and get back to you.

There was a not too crusty old guy in my life, almost. I was young and hot (I was, at one point in my life, very hot!) and wore tasteful length skirts and was learning about sweater sets. He was a 50's plus consultant with about three ex-wives and many girlfriends. My boss told him hands off, because I was a good girl. I found this out much later.

Had I the chance to do it over, boy would I! I could have gotten the car, maybe even a condo, and most definitely a broken heart. But alas, we make decisions, or they are made for us, and we have very full lives anyway.

Yes, there was a moment in Switzerland when I was 18 (and I was also very hot) and a very crusty, very old guy was enchanted with the "fruits of my youth" (I'll let you image the hand gesture he made). My cousin had to translate but he tried pretty hard to get me to go with him because, "he was rich and old and would die soon." He was an artist so I think it could have actually been pretty fun.

Yippee for making Grandmom's happy!