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Is last-minute knitting an extreme sport?

This is why I can never have a made bed:

Sapphire takes bed

Monkey Socks progress. They have to be finished by Sunday. The leg is the pattern repeat 6 times and the foot will probably be about 6 repeats also, so with the heel work, I need to complete about 3 repeats a day. I only did one yesterday so I'm already behind!

progress on Monkey socks

Must keep going (even if I'm worried about them being too big), must keep focus.

Stay on target...stay on target...


I have the same problem with my cat. He loves to nap on the bed before it's made up for the day. I, of course, am not about to disturb him.

Thanks for the encouragement on the Clapotis. I'm almost ready to drop the third stitch.