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Sock Camp - Just a few thoughts as I race off to breakfast and get on a boat to go whale watching (the first time in my life I've done that). I'm overwhelmed and stunned. I'm surrounded by so much talent and vibrancy that I have absolutely faded into the background. I'm just trying to take it all in and experience every moment.

You know those videos where the person is standing still in the middle and everything rushes around them? That is me. I catch snippets of conversations going on around me and each one is more interesting than the next. The creative energy (heck, just the energy!) is astounding. I wouldn't be surprised if some magnetic pole is moved because of the concentration of magic happening in this one place.

People wearing things I've seen pictures of and I'm stunned into silence. I just try to keep myself from quietly wandering up to them and stroking what they are wearing. I try to hold conversations with witty, smart (and better yet, sometimes naughty!) people and all I can really do is listen. This would surprise many people as I'm normally a sassy-pants mouth!

But it is amazing and it will take me a long while to process.

Orcas at dawn

Dawn from my balcony. The moon was still up.


sock color wheel

A sock color wheel. This is the amazing kind of stuff that I'm still trying to process.


Is the little mitten in the center for the hand walkers in the group?

You've been immortalized by the Yarn Harlot. Way to go!