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More camp

Some more images from sock camp. I'm still on a dizzy high from all that went on. So much to process!

bald eagle

We didn't get to see whales on the whale watching cruise but we saw some amazing wildlife nonetheless. More than a few bald eagles along the way. They seemed particularly curious about this boatload of knitters.

stellar sea lions

We also got to see some Stellar Sea Lions. This bull was letting us know that theirs was a private sunbathing party and we were not invited. It was a skootch half-hearted though as he lay down and started scratching himself with his fin immediately after this display.

knitters on board

Just a sampling of the knitters that gathered on the boat. I think this gives you an inkling why I'm just not able to accurately describe the event. The unspeakable gorgeous handknit items being worn and knit just made my head spin. I wanted to touch all and talk to people about all and ended up not really talking about any of it. I just sat there and rubber-necked like crazy.

Oh, and for the record, this was no lady-like knitting bee. This was a rowdy bunch! Loud, irreverent and fun! Everyone left in our wake was completely bewildered by what just hit them. I know there are non-knitting guys that lurk on this blog. Guys, I'm tellin' ya, you want to meet gorgeous, smart, witty and adventurous women? Take up the hobby. It is lousy with quality dames.

And the final image is fun because a lot of the photos I'm seeing out there are of the knitting groups performing their "songs" at our closing ceremonies. This is from the opposite vantage point. My group was up there getting ready to belt out our song (apologies to Roger Miller) and this was a small part of the audience in the room.

More tomorrow.


I now understand the "Rhode Island Reds" reference. And I got to see the massive pile of STR yarn that Susan brought home with her. She did say y'all had way more fun than she could remember having since her trip to Stitches West a couple of months ago. So, what did you buy?