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The color continues

At the last minute, there was a reprieve for the entralac scarf. True to form for someone with an out of control stash, I found more skeins of this yarn! I'm not even sure I bought it all at the same time or if I just liked it enough to buy it two different times. The dye lots match so I have chugged along.

I did have one disappointing moment when the yarn did this:

Ugh. I haven't seen one of those again though so I guess I can't moan too much about it.

I was working on this at my grandparent's anniversary weekend when my Aunt, the intended recipient, saw it and started oooing and awing over it. I hadn't told her that I was making it for her so it was a nice affirmation. She said they are still scraping frost off their windows (she lives in England) so it may get some use this year yet.

That is...if I keep working on it. I'm going to Sock Camp in a couple weeks and one of the things we are supposed to do is bring something we knit that we are proud of. I give away almost everything so I don't have anything to bring. I have some lovely things I'm working on (the entralac scarf, the mitered squares) but they aren't challenging knitting so I'm not "proud" of them.

Shoot, can I finish a lace cardigan in two weeks?


Every day I open your blog to get the latest on Argus and all the pookies; and every day I am saddly dissapointed.

Please, drop me a line. Did you send your well-researched mini-thesis on elder pookie care to the vet and boarding place? Where their charts and exploding graphs?

It is amazing that you, of all people, got the "knowing" look from the vet tech. I think I'm correct in stating that you spend way more on the health and grooming of the fur bellys than you do on yourself. (Did that come out wrong?)

All you really need to do is call the vet who called you and tell him, or was it her.