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Project Dissatisfaction

I'm being very sulky and spoiled about what I knit right now. I think I'm reading too many blogs where knitters are creating these glorious cabled sweaters in a couple weeks!

I want to work on the Hazy Cable sweater but the size seems wrong and quite frankly I hate flat knitting. I'm just bored by it for some reason! And lets face it, a sweater for me is no small undertaking. I'm fluffy, ample, whatever. I'm a lot of stitches around. So while I desperately want to crank out the lovely stuff for me, I don't seem to have the patience!

I tried to work the Bernat cardi but the yarn is terrible to work with! It has no give and it is sticky. I love how it feels in the ball. Soft, cushy and lots of texture. It is machine washable and dryable and I need a few knock-around sweaters like that. I have numerous dogs and I'm quite hard on clothes. So maybe I'll just force myself to do an inch a day. it will take forever but at least it will be done eventually. No pictures though. Too depressing.

I really wanted to do the Hazy Cable sweater in the round and since I haven't progressed far I think I'm going to re-cast on and try again. It may not be the right size but then I'll make it a gift. I haven't any idea how to alter a flat sweater pattern to on the round. Any suggestions, resources I can go to? I know there is a book out there on how to do it I just didn't jot down the name of the book.

One positive note. I re-did the Suki bag and am back on track. Cascade is lovely to work with and I am for sure going to do a sweater for one of my brothers in this. Even some of the same colors I'm using for my bag. They are wonderful. It does kind of suck that the brother I want to knit if for lives in Arizona and will hardly ever get to wear it!


I forgot I had shamrocks to share for St. Patrick's day. I hope everyone had a happy one.