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I heart stuff

It has been a busy couple of weeks! I had a birthday which meant I got to celebrate two weekends in a row with fantastic and generous friends. Not only did they want to spend my birthday with me, they spent entire weekends with me. I have never had such fun as with the gaggle I call my friends.

It has also been really busy at work. Not really in a bad way but certainly in an exhausting way so I come home and just veg.

So I'm resorting to snippets. I dearly love snippets when I don't have the energy to craft a real post.

I Love:

Eddie Izzard. I can't tell you how excited I am about his new series. I have such a thing for him! I mean a serious case of lust. It just isn't even funny. If I was still living in LA I would be resorting to all kinds of stalking to run into him. Rowr!

French & Saunders. Just to stay with the British theme. I saw their Back with a Vengeance DVD yesterday and it was great. I love those two women. And I liked this special better than the others because they "played" themselves more. Plus I loved the nod to the British mystery. A little cameo with the team from Midsomer Murders.

Magnums of champagne. Especially on a birthday. They just carry a certain message when they are pulled out.

Games. I love the games. I especially love it when I'm playing with smart and funny people. We just about popped someone's stitches.

When people go along, happily, with my goofy ideas. Like Knit Camp. Which pretty much consisted of a weekend at the beach, lots of knitting, chocolate and great conversation. But everyone played along like it was the best idea ever.

Celebrities that can laugh at themselves. I saw Dodgeball the other day and thumbs up to Chuck Norris and David Hasselhoff. Plus is there anything funnier than all of the cameos on the Simpsons.

A pantry full of soup after a trip to Costco.

That first night on clean sheets.

A finished project.

This little shrug and tam are for a friend's daughter who has the most beautiful dark hair and eyes. It is perfect for her even though I really did struggle with the edging. The pattern is from Debbie Bliss' Baby Cashmerino 2 and I made it with the recommended yarn. The tam is from the Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns. A required book for the knitter's library. Just about anything you want to try is in there in all sizes and weights.

The edging was a strip of garter stitch that I was supposed to sew on while I was knitting it. I tried a mattress stitch but it just made the edging flip up so I had to resort to a whip stitch that is hard to see and seemed to work really well but if you look closely I think it looks a little sloppy. I honestly don't think it is the kind of thing anyone else will notice but it bothers me. Actually it bothers me a lot.

The tam had to be made to go with the shrug, don't you think?

Oh and points off for the lousy staging, I know. I don't have any stuffed animals, statues or bags of anything that I could drape this around. So I stuffed it with yarn and, shockingly, it looks lumpy and weird. Fortunately, the little girl it is for is shaped much better.

Stayed tune for next time when I FINALLY get around to taking pictures of all the mitered squares I've been cranking out...


Happy Birthday!

You have tons of random thoughts.

I'm very concerned about you. Don't get me wrong, I love the comedy thing. A truly funny man can be very attractive, noses, eyebrows, bad bellies aside. But really?!? You're pining over an "Executive Transvestite" who speaks grammar school French!!! I think you need some real man exposure. You need to spend some time with a guy who wears no-name jeans and a plaid jacket, someone who stands up while peeing. It's only my humble opinion. Just so you know, I will record the new show, it's at 10 PM on a school day so I can't possibly be up. Thanks for the laughs!