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Eddie and Laurie sittin' in a tree...

My love for Eddie has been questioned. First, I have to explain that I am wildly attracted to scary-bright (and funny) men. And I'm not saying this to be hoity toity. I'm not scary-bright (I have too many dim moments. I enjoy watching the commuter train that goes by our office just a wee too much to rule out the fact that I am...simple.). I just find men operating way above my head very attractive. Case in point, Penn Gillete. I have a crush on him too and I think it is safe to say, he won't be an underwear model anytime soon.

But Eddie...Eddie is a babe by anybody's standards. The fact that he is so brilliant is just icing.

What is a few pairs of pumps and evening gowns? He is always very tasteful. Besides, someone in our relationship should be dressing girly. And since I'm going to insist on the clogs and jeans, let it be him.

I'm off to watch the pilot episode of his new show days before it premiers on TV! That is the kind of perk I get for being his lady.

Me n' Eddie. Good Times.


Howdy! I'll give you this, very much better without the dress and blue eye shadow.

Mucho dark themes, by the way. Who needs TV anymore?

Albert Einstein had groupies also! he got more tail then a rock star.