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Argus update

Guess who is feeling better?

argus is better

For non-greyhound people, he is cockroaching (sleeping on his back like a dead cockroach). And he couldn't do this if his back and hips hurt him too much. No more pain pills and we are very nearly back to normal. Not quite running again or dancing a lot but we are almost there. Mini jogs and a prance or two so I think he is headed in the right direction.

The overwhelming consensus is that the veterinary hospital needs to know. So I'm going to put together sound, academic information regarding arthritic canines and forward that to the vet we love with a note that expresses my disappointment in Argus' condition when I took him home. The dehydration and potty breaks are not acceptable in any shape or form so I'll speak to those also.

I'm looking at him right now and he is pretty much a mirror image of the photo above. I'll be sure to scratch the tummy as soon as I post this.


I'm seeing PowerPoint with exploding graphics and a clip of Argus mini-jogging and prancing a bit.

A friend of mine is attending the sock camp. Her name is Susan and I've asked her to say hello. It all sounds like too much fun and I'm looking forward to hearing all about itl

Yeah. Definitely let them know. That's just too big of a mistake to not bring to light.

hi, I'm so glad Argus is feeling better! We had a terrible boarding experience last summer. Looks like we're in the same general location. So, uh, if you are looking for a new place to board your dogs, I can tell you one place you don't want to go . . .