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The felted bowl disease may be spreading...

Saw this in the paper this morning:

55 nuns from a monastery in Sidirokastro are on the run after running up debts of more than $1 million from a knitting business that went bust, Greek police said. The nuns had secretly run a knitwear company on the side for 10 years, but blew their money traveling to fashion shows across Europe.


Someone asked about a pattern for the felted bowls. I did poke around online a bit to see how they were decreasing and how many they were casting on. Because I didn't have a specific size in mind I was free to just play. So of course, everything turned out perfect. This site was my main source of information. To get various sizes I decreased the stitch count by 10 and we saw how the different yarns changed the sizes too. I was thinking of stacking bowls when I did this and it did work out perfectly.

The first bowl I made, I followed the pattern and I made it in Cascade. It ended up around 8" in diameter. I blocked it aggressively around a standard 9" glass dish and it did really well. Plus now I have a pretty "cozy" for that bowl that will double as a hot pad.

So how did I get the flat bottom? That happens pretty naturally. Think about when you set a hat upside down on a hard surface. It naturally flattens out. The decreases on the bottom of the bowl were the same I have seen for some hat patterns. Blocking really helped shape the flat bottoms though. I dried the felted bowls over various glass bowls I had around the house. The ones I stretched a little around a glass refrigerator dish with a larger flat bottom ended up more stable than the ones I blocked around a standard bowl that slopes to a small flat bottom.

This is a great project for a newbie to try out. Felting is very forgiving and if you don't have an expectation of what you want, just enjoy the discovery of the process I think you will enjoy the results!

Tune in tomorrow for the next obsession:

mitered squares out of Noro. The beauty! The beauty!