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The secrets of the felted bowl (in theaters soon!)

To answer postmodernpetah's questions:

Yes, they looked very much like hats upside down. The sides were a little shallow to comfortably sit on a head but if I had just added a few inches on the side they could have been hats. The top might not have been as nice and fitted as the standard decreases I do with hats because these bottoms are fairly flat.

You can put anything in them! I shipped these out with candy. But the little one will probably make a good loose change or paperclip bowl. Doesn't everyone need one of those? I've seen them holding fruit (the sides bend out a little with fruit but it looks kind of cool), I've also seen them used as sort of a "cozy" for hot dishes (protects the table and easier to pass). The felted wool is really a shaped pot holder. They look kind of like a pottery bowl so they make a nice table feature (they look better than the Pyrex dish). I imagine they could also keep the bowl cold if I chose to use them with pot luck dishes. I've also seen them hold various things on shelves (mail, rubber bands, sewing kits) whatever you kind of want to hide.

They don't really change colors as much as intensify in color. I'm not sure why do this. Because they become denser so there is more color compacted in one area? Because we are changing the properties of the wool? I'm not sure. It is a fun to see what they are going to do either way.

I'm in the midst of baby stuff. I have too many babies out there who are shivering because I haven't been churning out stuff for them fast enough!

The To Do List:

  • Red shrug
  • Red beret (to match the shrug)
  • Pink ribby hooded pullover
  • Denim blue ribby cardi
  • 2 dragon scarves
  • Three warm hats (one with ear flaps)

And that is just what I want to get done before the end of Feb. Which is an insane goal since there are FIVE birthdays to tend to in February. And I really have to knit for two of them. So I also need to knit:

  • A pair of socks for Grandma
  • A rainbow entralac scarf for Aunt Sally

At least I am not in school or working a second job anymore. Maybe I can actually accomplish this?

The only thing that could possibly sabotage this is all the Noro I ordered for making the most beautiful afghan evah!

Dang, what happened to my resolution not to buy anything new this year? As soon as I set that I went on a drunken spending spree. There is something truly wrong with my brain.


Dragon scarves? Do tell!

Do you have a pattern for a felted bowl? Or do you know where I can find one? I haven't tried a hat yet (I can do socks, though!), so I don't understand how to give the bowls a flat bottom.

I'm sorry if this is a lot of trouble -- just ignore it if you want. Thanks.

Ah, answers to my burning questions! I should pay more attention.

I love the dish cozy idea. Fantastique! You could use them to hold an ice cream bowl so your hands don't get cold.

For potluck! Also wonderful! And that creates more opportunities for people to admire your work.