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Spotted in Hillsboro...

This display went up before Christmas. A folksy little nativity scene. But it seems to be making some kind of statement.

At first I thought he was siccing his (bouncy? frolicking? drunk?) sheep on someone but then I decided his look is more shocked or horrified. By pointing with the most gigantic finger ever seen, he seems to be appealing to us to look at something.

aghast wiseman

I thought maybe we were to look at the star or something related to the nativity. But there is no star and he isn't pointing at any of the other figures in the nativity. In fact, he seems to be pointing beyond his display.

Looking at the big picture, I clearly see what is horrifying the wiseman. I've circled and drawn arrows. Need I say more?

Listen to the wise man.


Frankincense and myrrh and ... golden arches!