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Somebody stop me!

While we had our snow days last week, I embarked on a bowl binge. Sounds seedier than it is. I started knitting bowls to felt and I couldn't stop! I began to ransack every corner of my stash for nuggets of wool. Stray skeins here and there or leftover bits from other projects. I could have kept going but I decided it was getting out of hand.

Behold, the bowls in their pre-felted glory:

line o bowls

Let us look a little closer at them.

Double stranded, Cascade 220 and a strand of hand-painted mohair. The one on the left is the last of the Cascade 220 and mohair and the bottom half is a strand of Cascade 220 and a strand of Kochoran which has some angora.

mohair bowls prefelting

The mohair and angora bloomed as expected. I like the effect but I need to give away the angora one soon since I'm allergic to angora. I really like how the angora one ended up being more shallow with the sides sloping out a bit. That makes it look kind of like a pottery bowl.

mohair felted bowls

Double stranded Cascade 220 and a thread of hand-painted Knit One Purl Too mohair. Lovely stuff. Just gave it a little pop of color. The one on the left is Cascade 220 and the stripes are the end of a ball of gorgeous hand painted wool I got somewhere, lost the ball band and have been hoarding for a couple of years.

red bowls prefelting

My favorite ended up being the red bowls. It may all be due to the color but their sizes are good too. The one on the right isn't near as wonky as it looks at this particular angle. The one with the hand painted for striping looks like a beautiful Christmas bowl, doncha think?

red felted bowls

These two were done single strand with the hand painted yarn I striped in the previous bowl. I've had this yarn for a while and kept pulling it out to admire it and then putting it back. I still may be sorry I didn't make a hat out of it as intended. But I'm glad I finally did something about whittling the stash down. I did discover something interesting about felting with this kind of yarn.

hand painted yarn bowls prefelting

It was a single strand, unplied yarn that I didn't double with anything for these bowls. One of them I knit smaller than the others but the big one is the same size as the other big ones. Maybe because it isn't plied it felted down a LOT!

Like into these wee little miniature bowls:

hand painted felted bowls

The smallest one barely fit over the end of a water bottle. The larger one is about the size the smaller one was pre-felting. I'm not entirely crazy how the color ended up working out. It is pretty cool that the smaller one spiraled but, knowing what the yarn looked like before felting, I'm a little disappointed. It is pretty with the red but by itself it just looks mottled.

I've made a call to a 12-step bowl felting group. Here is hoping I can move onto other projects.


Aren't bowls just hats turned upside down? What do you put in them? Why do the colors change when you felt them?

I'm so curious.

Or, you can give us the bowls...that'll help, right????