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Random thoughts

A David Copperfield show is coming to town so they are running commercials. In all the shots of the show he is wearing jeans, a t-shirt and a long sleeve cotton shirt unbuttoned. Is it just me or is he under-dressed for his own show? Now mind you, the person asking you this right now strives to stay in her PJs all weekend and has been known to go out in public in them. And I am the one that thinks he looks sloppy and it certainly conflicts with all the pomp and circumstance they throw about.

If you go to his website, it is a bit barfy with all the drama and mugging for the camera. Is he feeling old? Is that why he is dressing sloppy? No one is more surprised than I am that I think he should dress up a little for his appearances.

My dogs are afraid of snowmen. We had a little snow this week and some kids around the apartment complex tried to make a snowman or two. The snow is really too dry to do much at all with it (and we only got three inches) but there have been valiant attempts.

We came across one that was only two rounds high, both about the size of basket balls with two evergreen branches as arms. Argus took one look and ducked his head trying to run away. I don't know why he would be afraid. It looked more like rocks and a bush than a person but he decided it was scary. I finally coaxed him up to sniff it and see it was OK.

It is discouraging when the anchor woman who you are trusting as a resource for information looks at the word Dachshund and pronounces it dash-hound.

There is quite a bit of snow around and while most of it on the road was slush this afternoon, it still has an element of unknown (especially down the side streets). As I walked to the Irish pub for lunch (not liquid, I swear) an Idiot (I went back and made sure I capitalized the I) came screaming down the street as fast as he could in his jeep (way WAY over the normally posted speed limit and this was on a side street).

He was feeling the invulnerability that comes with driving a vehicle that can be stopped by nothing. Oh, wait...Jeeps aren't capable of overcoming everything? Oh...well. This is awkward. And I mainly wondered how the guy could sit comfortably with the ginormous testicles he obviously thought he was sporting.



Just loving your random thoughts, and picturing a pair of ginormous testicles driving a haul-ass jeep in greater Urbania.