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Not as bad as it sounds

If I could find the cord for my camera I could dazzle you with photos and even a movie!

But I can't.

So I won't.

New Year's resolutions. I don't really like them. I make resolutions all the time and the first of the year has never felt like a milestone to me. Birthdays, some holidays and anniversaries of important events feel more like milestones.

There are a lot a memes floating around and I just am not in the mood to do them. Instead, I'm just trying to get caught up with life. You know, remember to pay the bills and wash the clothes, etc.

I did have a lovely holiday. Aside from driving from OR to AZ at Thanksgiving AND at Christmas. I hate driving. Why oh why don't we have those car conveyer belt things like they had in Minority Report (I can't find an image of it anywhere to link)? Wouldn't car trips be sa-weeeet if I could just crawl up in the back of my car with the dogs and snooze and then knit and read a little when I woke up?

But I can't.

I have to pay attention to the road. Rat bastards.

OK, I do have one resolution.

No more blog posts this late at night when I'm tired. Apparently I'm a little crabby this time of evening.


Yippee! You're back.

Happy Christmas and Merry New Year!