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Even more randomness

There is a nutria that lives in the wetland here at the complex. I caught him humming to himself this morning. He seemed oblivious to me and the dogs as he sat in a bush that may have provided cover at some point in the year but is leafless now. Looked like he might have been doing a little grooming or eating but he was clearly humming happily to whatever occupied him.

I live with two sighthounds. Former racers. You would think they are fast and see everything. But not only did they never notice the humming nutria this morning, they ALWAYS sniff every leaf and blade of grass. It has driven me nearly to tears the way they spend an infinite amount of time at one bush...nay, one leaf.

And they walk SO SLOW! If I dare to try to hurry them just a bit, they will both drop their heads and I end up almost dragging them. Argus is the worst for this. He will start to pull back. And they love love love to get in front of you and stop. They are looking away from you but they have effectively blocked your path completely. It is like I live with a herd of cattle in my road all the time. People will be nice and say, "move doggie" whereas what you really have to do is gently nudge them with your knee to get them to move a few feet before they do it again.

Their favorite trick is to try to kill me by thinking we are going to start moving so I pick up the pace a little and as soon as I am distracted and look to the side just a smidge, one of them will jump in front of me and stop so I nearly break my neck falling over them.