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Bit by bit

When you open your hand to give your hand is open to receive. I was talking to a family member who seem overwhelmed by the charity knitting I do. Now I don't do a lot, I make a few hats and scarves here and there but it seems so huge to this person. She just kept saying over and over, "It is wonderful what you do, I wish I had the time."

I'm not sure what kind of commitment she thinks I make. I just throw something together a couple times over a long period and then I make a trip to the UPS store. In fact, I use these projects as an excuse to try out patterns and yarns so I feel kind of selfish. I've managed to make the charity knitting project about me.

But I think the bigger message is that giving doesn't mean I lose something. I don't have to summon up a resource to do this. It takes nothing from me. And I get back far more than I'm giving. I actually feel quite sorry for her. How can she ever feel fulfillment by looking only inward. How can she ever be truly happy by only protecting herself? And she isn't happy, she frequently speaks of this.

Translated into action: a trip taking stuff to Goodwill now and then (you know, the stuff you haven't worn in years), that extra skein you ended up not liking a lot, put in a good movie and knit up a hat or scarf and when it is requested, send it in for the homeless shelter or Dulaan or another cause that speaks to you. When there is a food drive, hit Costco for soup or something and take one can from the case you got and put it in the food drive bin.

That is it. Nothing heroic. But it is tiny actions that end up making a world of difference. Take a tiny action and don't feel guilty because it isn't some grand gesture. Few of us can afford the grand gesture; but we can all afford the tiny ones. And if we all make the tiny gesture it does add up to the grand gesture.

Heck, you need proof? Just keep your eye on this. Trust me, I know the yarn-buying habits of some of these people so they truly are able to only make tiny gestures.

When you open your hand to give, your hand is open to receive.


I'm somewhat selfishly motivated to give to Vietnam Vets of America. They pick up from your door, with less than a day notice.

Nothing wrong with that. Just because it is easy doesn't mean it doesn't count!