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All talk and no action

Tonight was the first night in a while where I didn't have to work when I got home from work. No, it isn't the new job overwhelming me. The new job is actually going very well. I am really liking the work and there are just enough things "broken" that I can implement change. I'm a happy woman.

No, this work is the work I was doing in between permanent gigs. I was doing contract work for a local university and it really doesn't take much of my time so I'm trying to keep it up until my contract runs out so I'll have some extra money for a house down payment. The challenge is that right before the semester starts I get swamped so now I'm feeling the pain of two jobs. Just keep reminding me of the extra paycheck.

I'm doing a little knitting. I should be doing more since two things are Christmas presents and I need to get them out doncha know. But I keep getting distracted.

This weekend, when I could take a break from job #2 I made a new dog coat for Sapphire. And it is so cute! You will have to just trust me because I can't find the cord for my digital camera anywhere.

I also took some pictures of the challenges I was facing with one of my knitting projects. I'm doing the braided scarf that was on the last Vogue Knitting. It is gorgeous! But I wasn't really happy with making it the way the pattern instructed. So, brace yourself, I have been changing things a bit.

The pattern calls for knitting the border in the round and then splitting up the stitches so you are knitting 6 strands in the round up from the border. Yeah, that didn't go over too big with me. What a mess.

So I've been monkeying around with this. I think there is a better, and well, more funner, way to make this thing. the trouble is that you have to make 6 strands. That is a lot. In fact, this thing is taking a lot of yarn in general. But it seems to be all worth it every time I take a peek at progress.

Oh, you want to see progress? Well, I broke my resolve to not buy anything new this year faster than any respectable person should break a resolve. But Costco had a great camera for a great price and I've been really wanting a camera that is smaller because I will haul it around more and I want to do that 365 pictures/a picture a day this year, blah blah blah.

Anyway, new camera, my daily pictures hopelessly mixed up on both cameras but at least on the new camera I have a picture of what I'm doing to the scarf.

braid one

I decided it was not fun nor interesting to mindlessly knit 6 strands in the round and I didn't like the gaping holes that resulted from the way they "grew" up from the edge. So I'm doing the strand separately. I did a provisional caston and I'm working a K1, S1 to create the magic tube.

Everyone may already know about this but when I made the angora baby booties from Last Minute Knits I thought it was the coolest trick ever! You K1, S1 this little square and then at the end you split up the Ks and Ss on two needles and pull them apart. Voila! the st stitch is inside and looks beautiful! You just turn the tube inside out.

I really enjoy the K1, S1. It is just mindless enough it is relaxing but it is a little more than just K so I'm entertained. I know I'll be bitching and complaining by the time I get to number 6 strand. In fact, don't put any money down on my getting it done. I have the attention span of a caffinated greyhound. It is possible this gift will never happen.

But in the meantime I'm enjoying myself and I feel like such a rebel!



Because of your flying inspiration, I too am knitting a scarf like yours.

The painful part is if you accidentally fuse parts together. It's a pain to rip out. I've had to do this twice.

I am making a knitted bunny. When i got to the head it says to k1,s1. To make a pocket you can stuff. But when i get to the end of the row and turn around, do i knit the slips and slip the knits or slip the slip and knit the knits. That sounds confusing but i am. i haven't knitted anything to hard that i haven't been able to figure out but this one stumped me. Thank you

Sorry i just posted (new to this) I gave the wrong directions. It is *purl 1, slip 1 with yarn in back; repeat from* across row. Head is made using double knitting to create a double thickness of fabric that can be stuffed. That is from the directions. The pattern is from lion brand Sasha Cuddley Bunny. Thanks Again