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I'm a little distracted

The wonderful things you find on You Tube. Here are a couple of videos.

There are so many videos of greyhounds out there and a lot of them were very funny to watch. But a lot of them are really only interesting to the makers. But that is OK because I like that people are that enamored with their hounds that they record the most mundane moments and think they are entertaining.

This one was neat because this little girl running around with a toy is a tripod. She only has three legs. You probably wouldn't even been able to tell if I hadn't told you.

This other one is of a whippet. I think the photographer got some really beautiful images. The framing is unusual and features the gorgeous bone structure that sitehounds have. Fantastic light.

Some have expressed surprise and doubt about my testing as pure evil. I assure you, it is true. What keeps the world safe from me is the fact that I'm inclined to laziness. Actually, it is less about being inclined and more about the fact that I'm really really really lazy. Being actively evil is a ton of work. I'm not willing to put that much effort into evil plans.

I spent way too much time and money decorating my lame little patio. The one that overlooks the parking lot. I don't know why. It is the most Christmas spirit I have felt or shown in a couple of years. I'm not scroogy, I just am not feeling it.

I have a bit of a knitting malaise too. Nothing interests me and not much is getting done. I think I need to do a bunch of quick and easy instant gratification projects.

Watch out, you are all about to get washcloths.


I don't know if I like more because of the laziness or because of the evilness. They are running neck and neck in my esteem.