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You will find no Christmas here yet...

OK, this probably would have been better yesterday but I was kind of taking the day off. How can you take a day off from being unemployed? Well, I guess technically I'm not unemployed since I'm doing contract work and I'm working hard at the search of perm employment. So I did, actually, take a day to not do all that. It was nice. I work much harder when I'm unemployed.

I collected a few photos of the gorgeous Autumn we are having. Good thing too because the leaves are hitting that stage where they are falling fast and we will have them no more by the end of the week. These are some of the inspiring colors I'm surrounded by this Fall:

salmon and green tree

pink bush

And a shot of my little apartment patio. This gorgeous tree has been flooding the apartment with a beautiful yellow glow but soon it will just be bare nekkid branches and a little less privacy.

apartment patio in fall

I moved into an apartment when I moved to this area because I knew so little about it and I didn't want to try to look for a house until I had a better idea of where all the development was happening. Who wants to find they have a Walmart going up across the street from the house they just bought? It has been strange living in an apartment again. I haven't lived in one for years. But it has it's advantages and I forgot how nice it was to simply call someone else when something needs to be fixed or replaced. The downside is the wee patio right on the parking lot. I try to have fun with it and decorated for Halloween. I did move the big spider around the web so it would kind of look like he was moving around. I hope it was creepy.

jack o lantern

That mole looking spot on the jack-o-lantern is actually a rotten spot on the pumpkin and why I got it in the first place. I thought it was gross and cool. He looked pretty good when lit up at night and I found these little battery-powered tea lights that flicker so I could keep him lit all night long. Plus the light didn't get blown out last night with all the wind.

Following along the spider web theme, this pretty little web was made sparkly with some fog we have had the last few days (along with freezing temperatures). The resident was no where to be found. Probably keeping warm under a leaf.

dewy spiderweb

We aren't done with webs yet! We finish off the Halloween holiday with a quick shot of Sapphire's costume. She really doesn't like me to dress her up but I found this little velvet spider web collar in the dollar bin of Petsmart. She seemed to like this because it got her a lot of attention from people and she LOVES that! Can you see the wee black spider on the right side of the collar? Sapph wouldn't look in the camera for me. After all these years she still acts like I'm going to throw the camera at her after I take the picture. And I hardly ever do that.

sapphire costume

Hope everyone had a great Halloween!


Cute baby pumpkins! Did you paint them yourself?
I love the mole on the big one.

I did do the baby pumpkins myself but nothing as fancy as painting. I just used good 'ole Sharpies. I printed out the font and kind of eyeballed it on the pumpkins.

Which explains why they are uneven and kind of funny looking.

The rotten mole is cool but it also meant the pumpkin was retired to the garbage bin Thursday morning!

It's all so very cute!!

Thanks for the ray of sunshine and joy!