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Somebody stop me!

I now own the cutest shoes on the planet.

plaid vans

I'm never. taking. them. off. EVAH!

(nyah nyah Amy, they fit perfect!)

Today was an orgy of sensory stimulation and shopping. My friend Amy is a kindred spirit so she knows when I would like something and took me to a great shopping area on Hawthorne. I pretty much handed my card to every shop keeper along the street. But my rationalization is that many were Christmas presents. Well, a few were. OK, maybe only a couple but how could I live without these shoes? And if you saw what I left behind.... I didn't take home any of this (and that wasn't easy!) and I didn't take home any of these (and it durn near killed me) and I...OK, I need to simmer down. This is worse than a sugar high.

But there is a good chance I'm wearing my new shoes to bed. Just so you know.


It have finally happened ... you've fallen off the deep end. And, apparently, it's plaid.