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From ho hum to yahoo in one post!

I wish I could show you some finished objects. Any finished object. I have actually completed a thing or two but I've given them away as soon as they were done so I look like I have nothing to show to my efforts. Well, that isn't the whole truth. I also have the worst case of startitis I have ever seen! Everything is either too boring to keep my interest or something is going wrong with it that requires too much work to be fun.

Take this for example:

skull sweater is too scary

I have a friend with a new baby and she requested a cool skull sweater. I wasn't really happy with the one in Stitch n'Bitch Nation for this project so I've embarked on cobbling together my own version. Which is rarely a good thing. I'm doing a little sweater jacked from the Yarn Girls Guide to Kids Knits and putting a skull on the back. Now the challenges I have faced are here are first with the yarn. I had a credit at my nearby Joann's so I got some of their cashmere blend in black and white. But I'm frustrated by the fact that the white and black yarn, although the same brand, are almost different weights. The white is much thicker and fuzzier than the black. It made for very sloppy intarsia. So then I tried to double stitch it which still didn't work well because of the weights so now I'm trying a cross stitch skull. I'm still not happy with this method and I've decided this skull is much too scary for a baby. It should be smiling.

You can certainly understand why keep putting this down out of disgust. Suggestions? Should try the intarsia again? I'm really not good at it. I have read up on the techniques but I still either get Grand Canyon sized gaps between blocks of color or the inner block of color bends because the yarn is too tight across the back.

I thought with my knitting malaise that I should pick the beach afghan back up again. And it has held my interest for several squares. I used it to rationalize a small yarn purchase this weekend. I love my color palette for this and I generally really like the square patterns. I was quite enamored of this simple lace pattern using a deeply dyed Cash Iroha.

cash iroha lace square

It took me a while to finish because I had to stop and admire every few rows. Extra points for the picture capturing the knitting and Argus in the background sleeping with his tongue hanging out.

OK, that really isn't rare enough to get extra points.

I was really pleased with the latest copies of Vogue Knitting and IK. There are several patterns in both that I would like to try (But nothing with bobbles. Does anyone else have a strong aversion to bobbles like me? Gah, they just make me squirm!). I have to do the braided scarf on the cover of Vogue Knitting. I have this camel colored baby alpaca I have had for a few years and no pattern has been worthy up to now. It is so soft and beautiful and I think will be amazing in this scarf. Maybe this will solve my malaise?

Here, cute Sapphire picture. If she can get a piece of my dirty laundry to nap with she is in heaven. If not, a shoe will do.

sapphire and my shoe

So fingers crossed everyone. I have had several great interviews with a company I really want to work with and some other leads that I think are highly promising and I might actually like. Lets get employed again so I can feel good about buying yarn once more. Not that I have stopped while I was unemployed, I just want to feel good about it.

UPDATE: Not 30 seconds after I wrote this I received a call from the company I want to work with and they are talking about offer terms! They are checking one of my references which I know will be great and then I might be able to call myself gainfully employed. Whoo Hoo! Or, dare I say...Yahoo?