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Sock Wars update

You know when your hands ache, your finger tips are going numb and your knitting callous hurts that you have been knitting too fast and furious!

I received my target's sock to finish for her target and I know my socks have been sent out so my doom is impending. Well, I wanted to finish my target's socks first (over achiever) so I went to work. That is where it all went bad.

My target had sent a really cute bright red sock but she knits her socks like so many other people; one at a time. I do mine both at the same time so I kept thinking that I was going to hate doing just one. It seems like such a waste of energy to only get one done when with very little extra energy I could get two done.

Then I realized that I did not understand my target's notes. Probably to other dpn sock knitters it would make perfect sense. But I don't have to take notes because I make the same mistakes changes to the socks simultaneously.

I started stressing that my new target was going to get a wonky pair of socks because they didn't match.

So I just knit a new pair of socks. It really isn't a lot more work for me and it alleviated my stress. I'll send her the red sock too so she can finish that pair.

I did happen to have the right gauge yarn laying around. Some delicious toasty toes that I had originally planned on turning into a kid's sweater. It would be an understatement to say there is a lot of color in these socks.

socks of doom

These socks would make many sock knitters twitch. They are barely fraternal and these are knit off the same skein of yarn. The Rib of Doom looks a lot better with this yarn than with my previous pair and I love love love the tweedy effect in the sock on the right. The other sock didn't get that effect at all. And I hope my target likes pooling! The upside is they are very soft and cushy and they do celebrate the hand-painted yarn!

To make up for the potentially garish socks, I am including this knitting bag of doom.

skull knitting bag

I made one like this in black with a red skull for a friend and while I super-suck at intarsia, I really enjoy making these. Highly satisfying with not a lot of work.

So after knitting one pair of socks and a knitting bag of doom in three days this is what my callous looks like:

knitting callous

Actually, yesterday it was bright red. That little sucker is on the little finger of my right hand where my finger curls around and grips the needle and yarn.

Kind of gross, huh? The tip of my right thumb is calloused too but it manages to not be deformed.

No time to let it rest though. I have two pumpkin hats I need to finish for babies. Gawd forbid there are two children in my circle I'm not humiliating. he he


Mwahahahaha! Now I have the pattern!

You get numb fingers too? I'm so relieved. Mine can last for 12 hours after I put the needles down. It scares me.

Addiction: Doing something that actually makes you hurt because the act of doing it makes you feel good.

Yarn: The New Crack

(Maybe too harsh, my red wool ball sits atop my high boy, encased in a plastic bag!)

awesome bag. my older daughter, who's a sci fi writer and into zombies and skulls, would love it. do you have a pattern?

What happened to the Sock Wars? I was too late to register but have been wondering if it went the way it was planned.