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Mental Incontinence

Random dribblings of thought:

The world is being taken over by hobbits. No, really. I was distracted from my wholesome tasks this afternoon (dropping things off at Goodwill and going to the public library) to do a little shoe shopping (it is time I admit the clogs with my work pants are not a good look) and after going to four (count 'em, FOUR) stores, all I could find were open-toed shoes with mighty high heels.

First of all, what is up with the open-toed shoes dominating the stores? Shouldn't they all be on the sale racks by now? For the love of gawd, it is OCTOBER! Even I reluctantly put away the flip flops by now. It is cold and rainy and gray. Cover my damn toes!

And are these 3 and 4 inch heels the legacy of Carrie Bradshaw? Has anyone looked around lately? Some of us have a little natural height. And not that I mind walking around at 6'3" or 6'4" (actually I love doing that, it freaks people out) but quite frankly my knees and back can't take heels like that. Very few women's backs can. Didn't we figure out some time ago that heels are really really bad for backs and legs? Am I the only one that remembers this? Am I the only one that feels it?

So from the shoe selection I had to surmise that the shoe industry is catering to the shorter shopper with hairy feet (so they stay warm in winter in their open-toed stilettos).

OK, I'm done ranting now.

At least about that. Let me just talk a little about my experience in Ross today. I love Marshalls and Ross and pop in frequently but I think I am done popping into Ross. That place is always a sty! And the shelves are littered with broken merchandise and empty boxes (or half empty, obviously they have a problem with shoplifting). If I have to root around like I'm at a garage sale, I think I want garage sale prices.

And Ross, if you look like you don't care about your merchandise, your customers are probably going to value it the same way also, hence some of your shoplifting issues. Well, that and the fact that your clerks suck. They are always too busy doing piddly tasks to help anyone buy anything (I actually had one watch me try to see a shelf of merchandise around her giant stock cart and she never offered to move it). They are so s l o w at the register and avoid talking to the customers at all costs.

End of that rant.

I won't even go into the mild case of food poisoning I got from Fred Meyer deli food (guess I deserved that one) and the horrendous case of gauge-is-always-off-regardless-of-the-project.

Oh, and one more. Has anyone else picked up a pair of Sloggers to show off their hand knit socks? I was so excited to break those out today and prance around in my pretty socks. OK, I didn't exactly prance but I did keep peeking down to admire my feet. And then I noticed...was that?...condensation on the inside of my shoe? Yup. I don't know if this is a failing of the clog or if I have freakishly hot feet. I don't have any other plastic shoes to test against these. But I was only out for about an hour so I'm not sure what would happen if I wore them all day. Would my feet be soaking wet by the end of the day? I need to hear from others about this.

As grumpy and out of sorts as I sound I'm actually not. I love it when it rains (guess I'm living in the right state) and my house is squeaky clean (Mom visited) and got a bunch of delicious BBC mysteries and period dramas (aka chick flicks) to curl up and watch. I should hang a sign out on my front door that says "No Boyz Allowed." I'm not sure what my neighbors would think (especially since they all happen to be little old ladies) but unless they are willing to keep my Diet Pepsi flowing and fetch me the measuring tape, they can just stay home.

Maybe the lesson here is I should actually never leave the house! Hmmm, let me go ask Inspector Morse.


Oh yeah, this is the second year of Fall being all the rage for high heels and open toes.

I find that with stores like Marshall's and Ross and TJMaxx so much of their organization depends on the town they are in. We have a Maxx by our mall that is a hole. Then we have another one closer to my daughter's school that is a nirvana.