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I may be easy but I'm not cheap

I am supposed to be knitting a sweater in the round. I'm signed up for a class, I bought the yarn and I cast on and knit about three inches.

Then I succumbed to a different, sexier project. Not sexy in any kind of interesting way. It is only sexy because everyone seems to be making this in every yarn shop I go into. I saw some samples last weekend and haven't been able to stop thinking about what MY version would look like.

I was sunk the minute I remembered some gorgeous Cash Iroha I have in my stash waiting for a worthy project (all hail my true love, Noro. Does anyone know if he is married? Does he have eligible sons? Because I'm willing to be a mail-order bride into that family.). This stuff was too good for the scarf as I had originally planned.

Cash Iroha

With those precious three skeins in mind I did a quick check of what would match in the yarn store and quickly found a color palette I can't live another day without. Really, I can't.

Beach quilt and sandy

Meet the beach quilt (named for the denim/grey blues, tans and browns and because calling it "Laurie is knitting, yet again, another friggin blue and brown item" would not have the same charming ring to it). Sandy is our lovely model for today. She looks happy about it, doesn't she?

I cast on for the first square and haven't been able to stop. The pattern is fun enough but this project really appeals to the knitting ADDer in me. Just when I'm about done with one yarn I get to pick out a new one and revel in that for a little while. Folks, I may not actually like to knit. It may be all about the yarn for me.

The first panel is a simple lace. Isn't it charming in that sand color? The next skein is heartbreakingly beautiful and it took me a while to complete because I kept placing it on the table in front of me and admiring it. I can't tell you anything about it because I was so excited to start knitting with it that I ripped off the band and never looked back.

I can't decide what is next, tidepool blue Iroha or rich chocolate brown alpaca. Maybe even the chocolate Pastaza with silver hairs shooting through it.

Stay tuned. I'm sure the suspense will keell you!

Sweater in the round? what sweater in the round?