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Running Dawg

I promised a video of Sapphire sleeping. How interesting could that possibly be you ask? Probably not very. But I share nonetheless. The reason I even took a video and am sharing it is because Sapphire runs in her sleep. I don't mean little paw twitches that most dogs do. Sapphire runs full out. I don't think anyone is supposed to move like this while they sleep because they can hurt themselves (or others when they are sleeping on the other end of those legs).

She doesn't wake herself up either. She can be banging against the wall (until her paws bleed) or even be curled up and kicking herself in the chin and she doesn't wake up. She will wake up as soon as I gently touch her leg or softly call her name but her own running doesn't do it. In fact, she often runs harder than this but I have a hard time getting video of it because when I stand up to get the camera she wakes up to make sure I'm not going anywhere without her. So this just gives you an idea of the low end of her sleep-running.

Personally I like the little leg waggle she does at the beginning.


Does she ever use her front legs to sleep-run? This is so interesting.

She's just like a kid who tosses and turns and causes havoc when they sleep and nothing, nothing wakes them up. You, however, are trying to sleep next to him or her but are having a serious problem with the hand in your face and the foot slamming into your crotch.

She doesn't really move her front legs. It seems to only be her back legs and her tail. If you noticed, she straightened out her tail when she started sleep-running. Greyhounds stick their tail out straight when they run and use it like a rudder. The loss of part of their tail is a career-ending injury for them.

She actually runs harder if something is against her feet like she is trying to push off. Bad news for me when those feet are against my back or against my front while we sleep.