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Let the bidding begin

Alright, so we need an update of sorts. I haven't been knitting much. Just haven't been in the mood. I'm fairly certain that the heartbreak of Sonnet does have something to do with it. I'm grieving.

So I turn my energy to the employment front. Yesterday was my exit interview. It just happened to fall on my 6 month anniversary with the company. Waiting in my inbox when I came in for the exit interview was a certificate of congratulations that I had completed the "Into Intel" program. Congratulations and now, buh bye. Oh, and when I went out to my car the license plate on the truck parked next to me spelled out BYE in the letters part.

I have to admit I kind of liked all those coincidences. There was something tidy about it and I feel like I'm being directed somewhere. I don't take being laid off personally and the fact that this particular reorganization decision is such a disaster (on what planet is eliminating an entire training organization a sound business decision?) kind of makes you glad that you have been given the opportunity to slowly back away from impending disaster.

I don't mean disaster for the entire organization. I just think there are going to be quite a few nice people put in impossible circumstances before they figure out what will fix it. I really feel for those nice people. As usual, the genius that made the decision will feel very little pain. It will be the great folks who are the heart and soul of what works that will feel the pain. You hate to see that.

Plus I am in the unique position of being a hot property. It is really exciting and an awfully nice change from being the leper I felt like a couple of years ago. This time around, THEY are calling ME and I have one to two interviews a week and the offers are starting.

I have one from a local university's distance learning program. I didn't think that would be a viable offer but they met my salary demands and have sent out the paperwork for me to look over.

There is also another really exciting opportunity with a big company in, get this, digital entertainment. Oh. My. Gawd. How much fun would it be to be in digital entertainment? Listening to my iPod and playing online games becomes necessary research.

They are supposed to be calling me for an interview this week. The only downside to that one is it is a 6 month to 2 year contract and it is in Vancouver. I really wanted to stay in the area I'm in now.

There are others but it is pretty much only interesting to me. Everyone keep good thoughts that I get more offers and choose wisely.


Onward and upward ... or something like that.

Good luck!

Thoughts and prayers are with you. You're hot stuff. Am glad to see that other employers are seeing that.

And I howled over the "BYE." That's just too...good...in a sick-and-twisted way.