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Happy. Period.

A nice thing about reading blogs are the different perspectives and backgrounds that result in discussions that get started. Juno started a really interesting discussion a couple of weeks ago and, for me, it carried over into conversations with women I know in the analog world.

Then, today, something made me laugh for about 10 minutes. Normally when I'm in the bathroom taking care of this I don't laugh but bless the pranksters with Always feminine products. I looked down to tear off the last strip covering the sticky wings and was greeted with this:

well wishes

Juno? Juno? Did you see this? It isn't a day off from work once a month but it goes a long way in improving attitudes towards that time of the monthly appointment with Aunt Flo or whatever euphemism you want to put here. At least, it improved my attitude and I think my uterus appreciated the well wishes.


I am dying!

I wrap my Playtex tampon in a tissue so I can make the 50 foot walk to restroom at work.

At home, Pkin gets to see the collection on tampons in both bathrooms, less in his though. You never know when you're going to need one. Well, Ok, you have an idea but ... ladies, you know. Oh, and men, sometimes people just have bad days with and without blood oozing out.